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                           From Jason Wilkinson on 10-Aug-2017

  Yet again, I am impressed. DuBois Aviation has consistently pulled through for me since 2009. Their instructors, maintenance and other personnel are extremely knowledgeable and considerate. They go above and beyond every time I interact with them. I cannot give a higher recommendation. If you want to learn to fly, this is the place. Thank you Lou and Jake for top notch training!


                            From Aaron Lewis on 29-Nov-2016

  I really had the best time ever earning my Private Pilot through DuBois Aviation. The employees are all exceptional and really make for the best possible training experience. Everyone there is incredibly friendly and helpful from the front desk to the mechanics to the instructors. They genuinely care about their students and want to give them the knowledge and skills to become the best possible pilots while having fun doing it. I'll certainly be returning for my Instrument and Commercial ratings. I can't thank Lou and Pam enough for having such a wonderful flight school and I highly recommend DuBois Aviation to anybody looking forward to learning to fly.
                           From Chris Harshman on 15-Nov-2015

  The first thing you should know about DuBois: I drove out from the Westside of Los Angeles weekly or more often, to train there ... They're that awesome! Prices kept low to keep aviation accessible. (I had lapsed years ago due to the high cost; with DuBois I was able to rekindle my love of flying!) Clean, well maintained aircraft. Lou's wife manages the front office and personally made sure I didn't "fall through the cracks" when they had an unusual period of instructor churn. I finished up with Matthew, who I highly recommend. A very friendly, competent group of people, I have nothing but good things to report. I continue to make the trek out to rent their planes (they have no daily minimums!), even though I'm also checked out to rent Warriors and Archers at SMO... And that says it all. (A final note: I was almost stranded there one night when my Jeep wouldn't start. Lou DuBois was willing to fly me out to SMO, but didn't have to - he was able to fix my stator in the parking lot!)
                        From Jean-Pierre Maufras on 18-Oct-2015

  If you want a flight school where you are always welcome and with a great atmosphere, Dubois Aviation is the place you are looking for. Everyone is helpful from Lou the owner, to the instructors and the mechanics not forgetting the support staff. Cory was my instructor through the major part of my training and was always great to work with. Every one works hard to share as much knowledge as they can to make you the most educated pilot they can. If the flying education is not enough, Lou was very helpful and educated me when I was looking to buy my own plane. Great team you can rely on.
                           From Kenneth Kressin on 15-Oct-2015

  I have tried flight training at many places throughout Southern California, and Dubois was able to surpass all my expectations. Every time I walked in I felt a nice family atmosphere. My instructor, Cory Carnahan, was extremely knowledgable, able to answer every questions I had, had a flexible schedule (stayed late to accommodate my busy schedule), and cared for making me a safe and proficient pilot. With Dubois's great prices, well maintained equipment, and friendly environment I was able to learn at a comfortable pace without breaking the bank. I know that I will be doing much more training at Dubois Aviation in the future.
                           From Dean Comeau on 13-Oct-2015

  I have recently finished my private pilot at Dubois, and will build my cross country time to get my next rating IFR. The instruction I have received at Dubois has been excellent- very professional and patient instructors- Margeaux, Mike D and Cory were my primary instructors, Ana and Rob were good as well. With my busy schedule and age going in, made it a difficult journey, but the owners Lou and Pam and all the staff stuck it out with me to completion. They developed me into a proficient and safe pilot. Additionally their planes are extremely clean and well kept, maintenance up to date.
                           From Michael Holland on 12-Oct-2015

  I started my Private Pilot Certificate at Dubois Aviation many many years ago. Lou was my instructor back then. I had no clue or idea about flying a airplane, but Lou taught me everything I needed to know about flying. Lou's the best. He's very knowledgeable, patient and a all around awesome person and a wonderful friend. After passing my Private Pilot Certificate, I've since acquired my Instrument, Commercial and just recently Multi Engine ratings all thru Dubois Aviation. Lou and his staff (Mike, Ana, Margo and Rod) all helped me to acquire my ratings. The Dubois staff and family are awesome. If you're looking for knowledgeable, professional and a family type atmosphere then definitely go to Dubois Aviation. I highly recommend any flight instructor on their staff. My experience at Dubois has far exceeded my expectations. I will continue to come back to Dubois. In fact I am planning to work towards my CFI here in the near future.
                             From Ralph Gouda on 12-Oct-2015


I've been dealing with DuBois Aviation since 2010. I had my private and IFR through them. I consider Lou DuBois the most fun person to be around, knowledgeable, loves to help, and he has the telnet to make a flight lesson a great experience. I recently got my IFR rating with the help of Mike and Cory. They're very professional instructors. DuBois Aviation became my second family, I'm there every weekend, even if I'm not flying or taking a class. I highly recommend this school for anyone seeking a carrier in aviation or just to fly for fun. Keep it up Lou..


                                    From Martin Eramo on 29-Jan-2015

  I did my flight training at DuBois with Mike Descalzo. He is a fabulous teacher and communicator. I fully intend to take additional training at Dubois
                                    From Zhenyu Huang on 29-Jan-2015

  Just completed my Private Pilot License through DuBois with the awesome help of Cory. Cory is very professional and skillful, and more importantly, he would think in your perspective, helping you design a personalized plan of study and save money. I learned a lot of important skills that were ignored by the books. And I learned to be a safe pilot. I had chance flying with other instructors like Marg and Mike, who are also very experienced and nice. The employees there are very very accommodating and patient with my always changing schedule (they got many planes too!). I will definitely recommend Dubois and will start my instrument rating there in the coming months.
                              From Bryce Monteleone on 29-Jan-2015

  Had a great experience with DuBois Aviation, I flew about once a week and it took me a little over a year to get my private pilots license, my instructor Evan was great, very patient and knowledgeable. I still plan to continue flying with them and continue to pursue my IFR rating.
                                       From Bob Moayeri on 29-Jan-2015

  Very Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I received my Private Pilot Certificate last year, and I am now working on my Instrument rating. Mike is an excellent CFI with extensive experience. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it again at DuBois Aviation!
                                        From David Poole on 29-Jan-2015

  Had a great experience. Mark M. is an excellent instructor.
                                   From Crispin Herrick on 16-Dec-2014

  While getting my private pilot certificate, I received lessons from multiple different instructors before finding DuBois Aviation. Lou and his staff were all very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and prepared me to pass my checkride in a matter of weeks. If I decide to go further and attain my IFR rating, I will definitely go through DuBois once again! I highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting high quality and enjoyable training.


                                  From Chikara Imafuku on 16-Oct-2014

  I enjoyed my flight training with good, flexible and friendly instructors and stuff. Aircraft are well maintained by maintenance staff.
                                   From Roland Tsui on 13-Oct-2014

  Flying with Lou and his team at DuBois Aviation was perfect preparation for my ATP checkride. I highly recommend them!
                                  From Derek Harbaugh on 17-Jul-2014

  I've been flying with DuBois Aviation for almost 2 years now and I have had the pleasure of flying with nearly every instructor. If you're looking to rent or get some instruction I definitely recommend stopping in and meeting the DuBois family! I've flown all over the country and they are definitely one of the best.

                              From Matt Alexander on 01-May-2014

  Just completed my Private Pilots License through DuBois with the awesome help of Ana Mendivil. Ana is very professional and had a positive attitude. Ana was very organized, and was willing to work with my schedule. My first day of flight training Ana sat down and explained every requirement in detail that I needed to complete in order to get my license. Overall, I would definitely recommend Ana as an instructor if you plan on going to DuBois to get your license, you can't go wrong!
                                  From Ana Mendivil on 05-Sep-2013

  I completed my Flight Instructor certificate with Rob Clark at DuBois Aviation and it was one of the best training experiences I have had to date! Rob was the perfect instructor for me and this rating, I was willing to put in the work and he was thorough in teaching both the "need to know" and "nice to know" information, no corners cut. I did more work and more studying for this certificate than for any other, but Rob made very manageable. His high standards made me feel comfortable about testing on checkride day. This was the third rating I have completed at DuBois Aviation and I will be back for more!
                             From Geoffrey Wood on 13-Aug-2013

  I recently earned my multi-engine rating through Dubois with Lou being my instructor. I would highly recommend Lou to anyone starting out or earning advance ratings because he is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. The planes are kept in great shape and the facility is clean. My experience at Dubois has far exceeded my expectations. I am planning to work towards my CFI here in the future.
                           From Jason Wilkinson on 12-Aug-2013

  I received both my IFR and spin training from DuBois Aviation. They are, in one word, phenomenal. The flight school will greet you with "small town hospitality", while providing sophisticated and well informed instruction. Lessons are easy to schedule, and the school's assortment of aircraft are well maintained. The instructors and staff maintain a high modicum of professionalism, and are both friendly and knowledgeable. If you are thinking of any type of flight training, this is the place to go.

                            From Robert Vandenheuvel on 20-Feb-2013

  Just finished my private pilot training at DuBois. What an amazing experience! Having grown up near the Chino Airport, I always had an interest in flying a plane someday, but the whole idea seemed very intimidating. For anyone else with that same "fear of the unknown, " I'd strongly encourage you to just stop by DuBois Aviation and talk to anyone there about the process of becoming a private pilot. The instructors and staff are incredibly nice, the planes are clean and in great shape (and the rental rates are very reasonably priced), the scheduling is flexible and accommodating, and Chino is a phenomenal place to fly out of! Pat S. Was my instructor, and I'd highly recommend him. Some of the things I had to learn took me a while to get, and Pat was incredibly patient and encouraging. I look forward to getting additional endorsements/ratings through DuBois, but for now, I'm having a blast enjoying the freedom of a private pilots license. Thanks Pat and DuBois Aviation!

                             From Dave Hughes on 20-Feb-2013

  I am a private pilot, instrument rated. Lou DuBois transitioned me from my Cessna 182 into my Beech A36TC. Wonderful experience. Then Lou acquired a Robinson 22 and Rob Clark taught me how to fly it. I passed my check ride on the first try on December 31, 2012. Flexible access to both the helicopter and Rob made my experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend both DuBois aviation and Rob Clark who is a very competent helicopter instructor.

                              From Cory Carnahan on 08-Oct-2012

  DuBois is pretty darn awesome. I've been flying out of there for a little while now and I can't image a better place to learn how to fly. They have a bunch of clean planes in excellent condition making scheduling easy, competitive pricing, friendly staff, first class facilities, and an awesome airport to fly out of. I did the majority of my private license training with Margaux and she was nothing but professional and fun to fly with. I highly recommend her as an instructor and the school in general. I was an unusual student in that I broke my foot right in the midst of my training, and Margaux and staff were super accommodating and patient with me while I hobbled around on crutches for a good chunk of my time there. I also got to fly with Rob, Mike, and Roman at various points and would recommend all of them as well. You can't go wrong with any of the instructors. Looking forward to getting my instrument rating there in the coming months!
                        From Charath Ranganathan on 11-Sep-2012
  The BEST flight school in the SoCal area hands down! I just passed my private pilot checkride today after training with DuBois for the last year. They have awesome instructors, clean and well-maintained aircraft, and a very liberal policy on their block rates. If you're looking for flight training in Southern California, you're doing yourself (and your wallet) a disservice if you do not consider DuBois.
                               From Reuven Huntley on 04-Aug-2012
  I found DuBois Aviation after I completed my private pilot elsewhere. I was originally only renting their Cherokees for flights with friends, but I was so impressed by their school, I decided to do my instrument rating at DuBois Aviation. The difference between them and the other flight schools I've been involved with is astounding. The instructors at DuBois are very knowledgeable, and Lou (the owner) keeps his fleet in very good shape. I did my instrument rating with Mike, who helped me finish the rating in just over the minimum time. I would recommend him to any other pilot looking to earn an instrument rating. I wish I had started with DuBois for my private pilot rating, but I will definitely continue training there for my commercial rating.
                                From Randy Mongenel on 29-Jul-2012
  I made the decision early in the year to get my pilot certificate, and after reading the online reviews of DuBois I chose to stop by and meet the instructors. I was greeted by instructor Margaux and immediately I could tell that she was a genuinely nice person. I got this same vibe from the other instructors I met as well. I'm glad I decided to start my training with DuBois. Margaux is a great instructor and made me feel comfortable in the plane right away. The aircraft are mostly Cherokees kept in good running condition and any issues during preflight inspection were always handled very fast. My training took a little over 50 hours and with the instructors help I felt confident that I could become a good pilot. All of the staff (Pam and Lou, Ana, Shari, Alex) are nice and very accommodating. I passed my checkride thanks to Margaux's dedication and I can't wait to start my Instrument training with them.

                                      From Ana Mendivil on 03-Jun-2012
  I did my Commercial training with Mike at DuBois Aviation and it was a great experience! Mike was great; very knowledgeable, patient and always had a positive attitude, which made training more enjoyable. I flew the Mooney M20B and LOVE the airplane. It's a little rocket ship. Also, the systems in the airplane are so basic that it is easy to understand what is going on in the airplane as you move levers and knobs, and it makes the checkride portion so much easier because there is not much to it. I was told that I would need more meat on my bones before I would be able to work the Johnson Bar that moves the gear up and down in the airplane but after learning the technique it was a piece of cake. Pam and Shari were very accommodating to my schedule, and Lou taught me additional quirks about the Mooney. Overall a fantastic experience and a great team of people, I would highly recommend DuBois Aviation!

                                  From Jeff Pederson on 31-May-2012
  I've been flying at DuBois Aviation for the past 2 and 1/2 years. It is very well run by both Lou and Pam. They have great instructors to choose from. I went with roman for both my instrument and commercial. He was a great instructor and will make you a great pilot. I'm currently working on my multi-engine add on with DuBois in their Seneca. Great school for any pilot from no flight time to someone looking to get back into aviation.

                               From Hannah Nguyen on 19-Feb-2012
        We came in today for a demo flight. It was awesome. The school offers a really good deal for a flight demo ($49 for 30 minutes flight or $149 for 1.5 hours flight). Customer service was excellent. The lady at the front desk was very friendly. Our instructor, Pat Sullivan, was awesome. He took his time to show us how to inspect the airplane and also what to look for. He made us feel very comfortable even though it was our first time flying. He also gave me a chance to control the airplane but I was too scared to do it :) He was cool about it and tried to talk to us during the flight to help us relax. Overall, it was a very good experience. I would highly recommend Pat. Thanks for such a wonderful experience

                              From Takuji Teramoto on 03-Dec-2011
  I received training of IFR rating at the school. All airplanes here are clean and well maintained so that you can fly with comfortable and reliable. Also there are so many wonderful instructors in the school. I trained with Mike and he was kind patient and attractive person to fly with. IFR training was hard for me but thanks to Mike I succeeded with minimum hours. Adding to these, Lou DuBois, president of the school, is very nice guy and has plentiful of passion for introducing joy of flying to students. I recommend the school with confidence.

                                   From Larry Alb on 30-Oct-2011
 In my initial contact with Dubois Aviation I immediately felt at home. I first met Lou Dubois and I was introduced to Pam Dubois and flight instructors at the facility that morning. My time was initially in a Cherokee 140 with Lance and I later switched to a Cessna 150 with Mike. Their aeronautical knowledge, flight experience and teaching were inspiring. I appreciated finishing my training with Mike and the professionalism he brought to each lesson. He is a remarkable instructor who was able to demonstrate what I believed were difficult flight maneuvers and skills in such a manner that I could say, "I can do that." In my opinion, that is the hallmark of a great teacher. The other instructors were also impressive. Lou and Pam Dubois provided a learning environment that far exceeded my expectations and were genuine in every possible manner in providing the highest quality of training. At 60 years old I received my Private Pilot's License. Not bad at all.

                              From Alexandra Santos on 29-Oct-2011
  I have had an excellent experience with DuBois Aviation. The airplanes are very well maintained and the rates are the lowest around. The online scheduling is easy and efficient and the Staff/CFI's are very friendly and strive to help you reach your aviation goals. I recently passed my Private Pilot check-ride and I couldn't be happier. I plan to do my instrument rating with DuBois Aviation.

                           From Bobak Seyedgavadi on 27-Oct-2011
 I had visited a couple flight schools in the area when choosing a school to get my IFR rating and DuBois Aviation best fit what I was looking for. It’s a great atmosphere to learn to gain both the skills and the confidence required to fly safely while enjoying the experience as well! All the aircraft are meticulously maintained with no INOP equipment! The staff and all the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, will answer all your questions and Lou is a wealth of information! Great School!

                               From Gabriel Alvarez on 01-Sep-2011
  I couldn't have asked for a better environment to learn how to fly! Since the day I got to DuBois Aviation I felt like I was within family... Although I didn't get to meet Pam (she was out of town) and my stay there wasn't that long, I felt really comfortable with all the instructors, Lou and Ana! The way they keep their airplanes is the best I've seen as well! I knew that what I wanted to do wasn't easy: Get my Instrument rating (I was already a private pilot), commercial license and the multi-engine add on in just a couple of months. Well, thanks to Mike, Trey, Lou and Ana I was able to do everything I needed to get back home in as little time as possible getting the best training I could imagine! It has been a wonderful experience, thank you DuBois Aviation for helping me as you did!

                            From Leopold Sternberg on 21-Mar-2011
  As an experienced private pilot from South Africa and recently anointed PROUD USA citizen the FAA required that I retake my private pilot theory and practical test. Lou DuBois became my instructor and my friend, in his confident professional way Lou taught me to fly all over again the USA way. All the staff at DuBois Aviation are kind considerate and professional, their equipment is very well maintained and reasonably priced. I will be doing my Instrument Rating with DuBois Aviation and I would have no hesitation in recommending DuBois Aviation to you, my closest friends and family.

                                  From Ana Mendivil on 22-Feb-2011
  I did my instrument rating at DuBois Aviation and it was a great experience. Lou was my instructor and made it very easy to grasp concepts that did not come naturally to me. He is very knowledgeable, pushed me, and provided an environment that was easy to learn in. Pam is the biggest sweetheart and worked with my schedule and me. As with most pilots I was on a budget and the airplanes are very reasonably priced, and very well maintained which was a major plus. I plan to do my commercial and addition ratings with DuBois Aviation. Thanks guys!

                               From Pablo Gonzalez II on 24-Jan-2011

  Dubois Aviation is an outstanding facility and just the type of atmosphere associated with the good old days of aviation. The staff and instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and promote an enjoyable learning experience. For most people, personal enjoyment is the reason we start flight training and the folks at Dubois work hard at making it a low stress and fun experience. The aircraft are well maintained, clean, reasonably equipped, and very price competitive. There maybe a cheaper operation out there, but I doubt it would be worth it. Chino is an excellent place to learn to fly - control tower but not too busy, plenty of runway to accommodate winds and technique, lots of really cool airplane to see, a great restaurant, and an excellent flight school in Dubois. 


                                        From Kris Lavoie on 23-Jan-2011

  I recently completed my private with Dubois, and I cannot agree more with the other comments I have read here. My only complaint is that I didn't find them sooner. I will continue to fly with Dubois and when I do pursue another rating I will not go anywhere else. Lou, Pam, and their crew are the best. I did my homework, shopped around, and nobody else came close.

                                     From Jim Garner on 07-Sep-2010

  To the folks at Dubois Aviation, I want to express my sincere appreciation for providing me with the personal care and attention that helped me obtain my Private Pilot's Certificate in July 2010. I was impressed by the expert instruction I received during my training. Lou and Pam worked hard at accommodating my busy schedule. The CFI's made flying fun for me to learn. I will recommend anyone interested in flying lessons to check out Dubois Aviation. 


                                  From Joseph Rubert on 23-Aug-2010

  I selected DuBois Aviation after researching and visiting several area flight schools, and never gave my decision a second thought. Six months later, I received my private pilot certificate, all thanks to Trey, Lou, Lance, Pam, and Anna. Trey is a great instructor and an amazing pilot; Lou is an absolute wealth of aviation information; with those two instructing and guiding you, you will be more than prepared for the written tests & check ride. Lance, Pam, and Anna were always supportive, encouraging, and had time for my questions or conversation. There was always an instructor and/or airplane to fit my constantly changing schedule. You won't find a more honest, direct, friendly, and professional flight school. Check out their website...Everything you see and read is the absolute truth. I have, and will continue to recommend DuBois Aviation to my friends, family, and anyone interested in flying. 


                                        From Jose Robles on 18-Aug-2010

  Phenomenal!!! Prior to finding Dubois Aviation I was a student at Sunrise and Ballard. I wish I had found Lou, Pam, and Trey first! They are all exceptional to work with. Lou runs a great school with a super friendly environment and exceptional aircraft. Trey made my transition smooth, quick, and easy. There aren't enough stars to describe! Thanks!!! 


                                    From Derek Kreger on 24-May-2010

 Dubois Aviation was a life changing experience. I always wanted to get my private but never had the correct guidance or tools. I met Lou and Pam Dubois and signed up. It was a fantastic, challenging, life changing experience. I’m now 37 and wish I would have known about them years ago! I couldn’t have done it without there guidance, patience, and friendship. They are outstanding teachers with great equipment. The environment is a relaxed family style that made learning fun. I gained the experience and made some great new friends. My family and I are currently out burning holes in the sky thanks to Dubois! Instrument rating soon.... 


                                      From Bryan Snow on 08-May-2010

 Dubois Aviation helped me achieve a long time goal of becoming a private pilot. They were very flexible with my schedule even when I had last minute conflicts. They had very knowledgeable CFIs who could not only fly well but also teach well. I will definitely be coming back to Dubois Aviation for my instrument rating. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to fly or obtaining further ratings! 


                                        From S. Dupuis on 01-Apr-2010

 I'd recommend Dubois to any prospective students or even pilots ready to add a rating or get current again. Lou and Pam Dubois run a clean organization. They have spotless aircraft, classrooms and hangar. They love aviation and will work to be sure you achieve your goal. The instructors are knowledgeable and personable - the whole place is fun to be around. 


                                     From Davis Hopper on 08-Mar-2010

 Lou, Pam and the staff at Dubois Aviation have helped me achieve something that I have wanted to do all my life. The instruction was safe, challenging, professional, and most of all, fun. The family atmosphere makes everyone at ease. I am planning to get IFR training soon and would recommend Dubois Aviation to anyone interested in the experience of their life. 


                                   From Michael Holland on 12-Feb-2010

 I started my training a little under a year ago and just received my Private Pilot's Certificate on January 31, 2010. Wow what can I say about Lou & Pam at Dubois Aviation? Great folks. Just overall great hospitality. Very very nice people. It's a family operated business which is awesome. The aircraft are always well maintained and in safe condition. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into GA to Lou & Pam. I will start my instrument training with them in the next few months. Great folks! 


                              From Brian DeMarco, on 11-Feb-2010

 On February 01, 2010, I received my private pilot's license after being trained at Du Bois Aviation at Chino Airport. I am very pleased with my experience at Du Bois. It is a family operated business that provides expert training in well maintained aircraft at a very competitive rate. With safety being their top priority, I would and have recommended my family and friends to fly with Du Bois Aviation. 


                                     From Tiago Cabrera on 20-Dec-2009

 I started my training with Lou and Pam a year ago, from that time to now I had my private and instrument rating done and almost ready for the Commercial. Lou and Pam, there is no words. Great people, always interested in your questions and always making sure you go forward and get your goals. The way they teach makes aviation a lot simple and clear to understand, and wend you realize that...you are already a Pilot. Thank You Lou and Pam for helping me with my goals. 


                                  From Robbie Navarro on 12-Dec-2009

 I achieved my CFI rating at DuBois Aviation (KCNO) after a year hiatus from flying. My instructor, Trey, mentored me up to proficiency providing extensive ground and flight training in an efficient manner. With the help of the other instructors (Lance and Lou), I gained additional training outside of my course work. Pam, in administration, was completely accommodating and willing to work under constraints to ensure I met my goal within my short time frame (she made things happen and really looked after the students). The aircraft are always hangared and attended and the facilities are well suited for learning. The school is family operated which is also passed onto their students and staff thus ensuring you are receiving quality education in a nurtured environment - which is rare. Mahalo to Trey, Lance, Pam and Lou, and the students that allowed me to shadow their progression. All have made my CFI training at DuBois fun in a very professional manner. Aloha. 


                                  From Mike Kastelic on 28-Nov-2009

 I did my instrument training at Dubois Aviation and passed the checkride. Lou made everything seem so simple, and after being so confused at my last flight school, Lou made it easy to grasp. I love this place!! You never have to worry about not having a plane, they're all in hangers and are very well maintained and CLEAN. All the instructors are very cool and professional. If they have some down time and you have a question, they will definitely try to help you out, even if it's not the instructor you're working with. Pam is also a very nice lady. She works hard in the office and does the scheduling. She will do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy and there are no problems. It is a very professional and fun place to be. 


                                         From H Taylor on 18-Sep-2009

 Lou and his people are first rate. More than anything, they care about the student. Other students that I talked to were happy to be there. Several, including me, had started elsewhere. I went to finish my CFI cert and the focus was both to help me be a good CFI and pass the Checkride, which I did on the first try. Thanks to everyone at DuBois. 


                                From Jordan Haines on 30-Aug-2009

 I first visited DuBois Aviation back in April to try their demo flight to see if I would enjoy being a pilot. I was a bit nervous, but had always been fascinated by airplanes and flight. As soon as I entered the hangar, I knew I was in for a good experience. All of the airplanes are in perfect condition, clean and well maintained. Then as I entered the office, I was politely greeted and I immediately felt comfortable being there. Having no prior aviation experience, I was intimidated and nervous about flying, but after my demo flight with Trey, I knew that being a pilot was what I wanted to do. I began training with Trey in May, and 10 hours later, I was already soloing the airplane, and at 40 hours, I received my private pilot rating. Trey is a great instructor. He made me feel comfortable in the airplane, and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Trey and Lou have a lot of experience and insight to share. Thank you DuBois Aviation for making my dream a reality. 


                                     From Michael Singer on 28-Jun-2009

 I visited many flight schools before deciding to begin training at Dubois. Lou was very energetic and got me excited about learning to fly. I began my training with Trey and we developed a good relationship, he has a casual approach to teaching that is not intimidating and he is very knowledgeable and experienced. I completed my private pilot in 48 hours. Thanks Trey and Lou! 


                                From Jonathan Wobken on 07-Jun-2009

 I had two other instructors since I started flying and I only went with them once each. I've been training with Lou since I was 13 and he is an amazing teacher! I finished my Private Pilots License with him in May and starting my Instrument and would not go with any other instructor! Lou is a great instructor to learn from.

                                        From Troy Turner on 03-Jun-2009

 Really nice flight school and very nice people. Lou and Wilsam are great instructors and help make the flights fun while still teaching what needs to be taught. Also nice kept up planes to fly in. All around a good environment for aspiring pilots. 


                                        From Scott Farner on 22-May-2009

 Came to DuBois Aviation to finish up my instrument rating after having tried the other schools on the field. Lou is great and provides an easy-going but no-nonsense style that made finishing up my rating much easier. The aircraft are well cared for and it shows (I've been flying the Mooney). Looking forward to getting my commercial certificate with them. 


                                       From Fred Keelin on 07-Feb-2009

 After researching numerous flight schools in the area, I selected DuBois Aviation as the school for me. I spoke with Lou at length regarding lessons. His friendly, no non-sense style of instruction was just what I was looking for. Lou made the journey of becoming a pilot both enjoyable and exciting. I will be going back to DuBois Aviation for all my future ratings. Lou began as my instructor, but he and his wife Pam have since become my good friends. I would highly recommend DuBois Aviation to anyone looking for a flight school. 


                                      From Steven Sedory on 03-Feb-2009

 I couldn't have found a better flight school. I went from knowing nothing about airplanes to confidently flying with my Private Pilot License in 44 hours. Lou was friendly yet very professional from beginning to the end. After talking to many flight schools at many different airports, I felt discourage and led to the fact that I would have to choose the least worst one. It took me about 10 seconds of talking to Lou, just after I had stumbled across their hangar at Chino Airport, to choose which school I was going attend. Choose DuBois Aviation and you won't regret it. If you really want to talk to me about my experience, give me a call. 909 227 6828. 


                                       From Kevin Herrick on 27-Sep-2008

 I must admit I approached learning to fly with a bit of trepidation. There seemed to be a lot going on, the guys on the radio were talking WAY too fast, and it seemed there were so many things to master. I was not sure I would succeed. Then I met Lou Dubois. Lou took me step by step, each lesson building on the skills I had mastered in the previous lesson. He placed simulated challenges before me along the way that were appropriate for my level of training. He explained the nuts and bolts of private piloting in down-to-earth language and examples. And he prepared me in the cockpit to handle every emergency so that I was TOTALLY prepared well before my checkride. Lou Dubois is a gifted flight instructor who prepares you and evaluates your skills honestly and candidly. He provides the necessary tutelage to transform your weaknesses into strengths and gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be the best private pilot in the southland. Five Stars for Dubois Aviation. 


                                           From Mike Irwin on 08-Sep-2008

 I trained with Lou for my Private and would recommend him to anybody interested in becoming a pilot. Lou is a great instructor and really makes learning to fly enjoyable. I plan to be back in the air with Lou very soon to begin my instrument training. See you soon, Lou! 


                                       From Mark Wobken on 23-Feb-2008

 I trained with Lou for my Private and Instrument rating and my son is currently training for his Private with Lou. Lou is a great instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning the ins and out of being a pilot.

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